We’ve all been there, looking in the mirror and thinking “I have dull skin today” that needs a burst of energy and life put back into it fast! And that all starts with a balm cleanser, something that can help remove any dead skin cells potentially causing the dullness and uneven skin tone and doubles up as a makeup remover for clearer skin. Let’s get to know the best cleansing balm at TEMPLESPA, IN THE BEGINNING a little better.

Referred to as ‘a facial in a jar’ your skin is treated to the crème de la crème of all cleansing balms, goodbye dull skin! The Deep Cleansing Melt has a unique crystalline buttery texture that melts under the warmth of your hands, as you gently massage it in. What these crystalline pieces do are exfoliate away dead skin cell build-up, often a cause of lacklustre dull skin and leaves skin soft and smooth. They’re produced in our secret manufacturing process, as we only create IN THE BEGINNING in small exclusive hand-blended batches, we loved discovering this added extra for our balm cleanser!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a TEMPLESPA cleansing balm with a Mediterranean twist in the form of skin-loving ingredients from our birthplace. Olive fruit oil gives the skin extra hydration and moisture, leaving skin soft, smooth and a dewy healthy glow. Calendula flower extract gives our award-winning balm cleanser that brilliant yellow colour, as well as helping to protect and restore damaged skin. Basil leaf extract, clary oil and lavender oil all work together for skin that’s soothed and calmed, plus vitamin E to help keep skin radiant!

If the ingredients of our cult-favourite cleansing balm have tickled your taste buds, take a look at what our independent trials say:

To get the most out of our cleansing balm we recommend using a muslin cloth to help massage it in and promote all those exfoliating benefits even further. First apply a small amount to your skin and use the warmth of your hands to massage it around your skin in circular motions. Next take your muslin cloth (we recommend TAKE IT OFF) and moisten it, use the same circular motions with it across your skin then remove. It’s gentle enough to be used as a makeup remover balm too!