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  • Skin care 101: the difference between hydrating and moisturising

    More often than not we’ll see words like ‘hydrating serum’ or ‘moisturising mask’ across skin care products and you may be thinking, aren’t these describing the same thing? It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the beauty industry that hydrating and moisturising your skin are the same. So let’s set the record straight and share the differences between hydrating and moisturising for your skin.

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  • Your best skin care routine for dry skin

    As the colder months have finally arrived your skin may be feeling more on the dry side and in need of hydrating and moisturising skin care products to help it back to its best! In this blog we’ll share the best skin care routine for dry skin, which cleanser, moisturiser and facial oils you’ll need in yours.

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  • Your guide on how to soothe irritated skin

    Irritated and sensitive skin is likely something that we will all experience at some point and when it strikes we’re stuck to know what to do at first. Have this blog bookmarked for when irritation appears, as we’ll be sharing the best soothing skin care products and what you need to help calm it quickly.

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  • Expert Spotlight: Chrissy Longley

    Chrissy is a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach and founder of Joyful Hearts. She’s passionate for everyone to prioritise their health and well-being and offers meditation workshops through the different life stages. However Chrissy particularly enjoys supporting young people in education, encouraging them to live their best life, always!

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  • The Best Wellness Products To Use In 2023

    As 2022 is coming to a close and we’re looking forward to 2023 we started to think about what we’ll be taking into the new year with us. In this blog we’ll be talking about wellness products, mindfulness exercises and the best TEMPLESPA wellness gifts to try for yourself and take into 2023 with you.

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