Achieving that coveted glow and maintaining healthy, radiant skin involves more than just the right products—it's about mastering the art of layering your skincare routine for optimal results. With the plethora of steps in our skincare regimens, it can be a bit like untangling a web to figure out the right sequence. Fear not! In this friendly guide, we're spilling the beans on everything you need to know about layering your skincare for that unbeatable skin-loving routine.


Why do I need a skincare routine?

Let's start with the basics. Our skin faces a rollercoaster of environments daily—from scorching heat to chilly frosts. A skincare routine acts as your skin's superhero, providing protection and nourishment. Did you know we touch our faces around 23 times per hour? Yep, that's a lot! A consistent skincare routine helps keep your skin clean, refreshed, nourished, and in tip-top shape. Plus, it safeguards against issues like breakouts, dullness, and excess oiliness caused by whatever might be lingering on your hands.

We've previously touched upon the skin microbiome and its significance in another blog. Supporting a healthy microbiome with the right products is key to achieving that enviable glow and radiance.

How to layer skincare products


1. Start with the lightest texture:

Begin with the lightest texture in your skincare arsenal. Think about it—would you slather on moisturizer before cleansing? Nope! Opt for a light cleanser, followed by a liquid toner, serum, and finish off with a cream moisturizer to seal the deal.


2. Follow the cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer, and SPF steps:

Stick to the basics of cleansing, toning, applying serum, moisturizing, and adding SPF. You can sprinkle in essences and masks as extra treats, but these are your core steps. Always work from thinner to thicker textures for maximum effectiveness.


3. Layer up your serums:

Serums are your layering buddies. Choose serums based on texture—pair a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum with a slightly creamier vitamin C brightening serum, for instance. Our go-to combo? The LET’S CONCENTRATE Skin Glowing Serum followed by the BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum. Give each serum a few minutes to work its magic.

4. Add an oil:

For a hydrating overnight boost, introduce a facial oil in place of your regular moisturizer. Apply it last in your routine to ensure water-based or thinner serums get to the skin barrier first.


5. Try an aromatherapy night cream:

Experience the magic of aromatherapy with our REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream. Packed with essential oils like frankincense, lavender, and patchouli, it not only moisturizes but also induces a sense of calm and tranquillity. As a super moisturizing texture, this beauty comes in as the grand finale to your skincare routine.


Does a skincare order really matter?

While it's not the end of the world if you mix up the order, sticking to the right sequence ensures you get the most out of your products. After all, you wouldn't want to wash away your freshly applied moisturizer, right? Happy layering, and here's to your skin's radiant journey!