It’s a buzzword that’s been shouted from the rooftops in the skin care industry for years now, but what is the skin microbiome? And why is it so important to have microbiome skin care? We’ll share all on what this new word is all about and how, by choosing the right skin care products, you can help support your skin’s microbiome in the short and long term.


What is the skin microbiome?

Our skin is made up of 1000s of good bacteria which form a protective layer on the top known as the microbiome. It is a totally unique ecosystem of bacteria that live on the surface of your skin. Although the thought of bacteria, fungi and moulds on our skin, living in sweat, sebum and dead skin cells might make you feel a little ill, they’re actually doing an essential job for you! Well, the good ones do!


Why is the skin microbiome so important?

It is because healthy skin requires a well maintained and balanced microbiome. Without a fully working microbiome our skin is unhappy and this can manifest itself in red, angry, itchy and sensitive skin or as oily blemish prone skin that can also feel uncomfortable. There are many factors which can cause an upset skin microbiome, but luckily, you’ll find prebiotic skin care at TEMPLESPA which will help support it for the now and future!

How do I keep my skin microbiome balanced?

By introducing prebiotic skin care to your daily routine! We want to support the skin microbiome and encourage good bacteria growth and strength, and that’s where a smart prebiotic blend steps in. Our chosen prebiotic is biolin which is a blend of sugars that boosts the growth of good bacteria and maintains the skin conditions necessary for the growth of useful organisms at the disadvantage to hostile organisms.


How can I restore my skin microbiome?

To start with we would look at your skin care routine and its products to closely review what’s causing the irritation or damage to your skin microbiome. Perhaps it’s been using too many acids in your skin care, using less than gentle cleansers and scrubs or not including a serum to support the lower levels of the skin.

Next when selecting your skin care products, we’d recommend looking for ingredients which claim they’re soothing and settling for your skin. At TEMPLESPA we’ve created our own unique blend of extracts that are all synonymous with soothing results and improving the skin microbiome and skin barrier. Our Calmaderm™ complex is a blend of botanical ingredients of black oats, liquorice, basil, aubergine, beetroot and apricot extracts, brilliant food sources that support your microbiome.

What’s the best microbiome skin care routine?

Step 1: Cleanse

Start by removing makeup, oils and impurities with a helping hand from BE GONE Kind-Hearted Cleansing Crème. The unique elastic texture gently cleanses the skin, with additional soothing and cooling feeling to leave your complexion soft and restored.

Step 2: Tone

We adore using the new BE QUIET Soothing Milky Toner that has added prebiotics, niacinamide, squalane and other settling ingredients. Sweep across the skin on a cotton round for an instant relief of calm and boost of hydration!

Step 3: Treat

Try adding in a serum like BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum to aid the lower levels of the skin and new skin cells, improve skin tone and replace lost moisture. Serums are a concentrated blend of ingredients and a must have for all skin care routines, have a read of our serum blog for more.

Step 4: Moisturise

For your final step, use a moisturiser like BE STILL Settling Moisturiser to help hydrate, settle the skin and immediately soften and smooth. Applied daily and this moisturiser can do brilliant work for your skin microbiome and more!

Bonus: Mask 

Once or twice a week for when your skin is in need of a settling treat, BECALM Soothing Face Mask is the perfect option for you. It has the additional benefit of nourishing your skin by replacing lost moisture and goodness of prebiotics for your skin’s microbiome.