Step into the world of skincare during menopause, if we were to rewind a few decades to a time when this natural transition this was spoken of in hushed tones as "the change." Fast forward to today, with influential figures like Davina McCall and Gwyneth Paltrow openly sharing their menopausal experiences, and the conversation has finally taken center stage. In this blog, we blend our profound skincare knowledge with insights from our expert panel to bring you the top five ways to care for menopausal skin, along with a line-up of TEMPLESPA products to navigate these changes.


Menopausal Skin: What's happening?

While we're well-versed in the hot flushes, brain fog, and sleepless nights that accompany menopause, let's delve into how this transition affects your skin. Two key factors play a significant role:


1. Collagen levels fall:

Menopause sees a drastic drop in collagen levels—approximately 30% in the first five years and then around 2% annually thereafter, which are dramatic figures to show. As collagen is vital for skin elasticity, volume, and moisture, this decline may result in drier skin, reduced firmness, and more noticeable lines and wrinkles.


2. Oestrogen levels drop:

Unsurprisingly, oestrogen levels decrease during menopause. Oestrogen contributes to water retention and enhances barrier function. Without it, the skin may become dry, itchy, and prone to irritation.

Caring for menopausal skin: Our top 4 tips


1. Re-assess your skincare regime:

Menopause often brings drastic changes to your skin. If it's drier, amp up the hydration levels in your skincare products. If newfound sensitivity arises, experiment with products to identify what works best for you. You may find your previous moisturizer doesn’t cut it any more for your drier skin.


2. Consider retinols, peptides, and vitamin C:

Studies suggest that retinols and peptides can boost collagen levels. Explore our Truffle range (Link: for encapsulated retinols and the glow range (link: for a vitamin C and radiance boost. 

3. Protect your skin from the sun:

Shield your skin from the aging effects of the sun with a daily SPF 50, simply apply on top of your usual moisturiser and don’t forget to top up if you’re spending long periods in the sun!


4. Consult a professional:

 Seeking advice from a skincare specialist or dermatologist can provide personalized guidance tailored to your changing skin. Especially if you’ve seen great changes in your skin or little to no improvement from using a new skincare regime.


Targeted Products for Menopausal Skin:

I need a cleanser… IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt is a gorgeous buttery cleanser that gently exfoliates away dullness and dead skin cells, to leave skin feeling totally clean and soft again.

For a toner… TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic is a super refreshing and balancing toner that doubles up as cooling facial mist for those hot flushes too!


A favourite serum… BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum is fabulous for skin irritation and supporting weaker skin and LET’S CONCENTRATE Skin Glowing Serum for boosting dullness and helping restore an even skin tone.


I’d like an eye cream… WINDOWS OF THE SOUL Hydrating Eye Treatment is a super lightweight cream that targets dark circles and puffy eyes fast.

My moisturizer of choice would be… BE STILL Settling Moisturiser which has a super gentle texture that combines prebiotics to support the skin and nourishing ingredients. TRUFFLE DE-LIGHT Hydra-Gel Moisturizer is another great option for lightweight hydration and an instant glow radiance to the skin.


And a final note… how to combat crepey skin! EXALT Firming Neck Gel is our go-to lifting and firming hero, adding much-needed moisture and youthful finish to the skin!


Embrace this phase as a transition to a new way of self-care, where age is just a number, and studies show we get happier as we get older. For a deeper dive into menopause wellness, explore our wellness guide. Remember, our TEMPLESPA spa partners are here to guide you on your journey to great skin during menopause.