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  • Liz’s January Diary: New Year Be You

    When I was a Girl Guide, a role I took most seriously (!) my Guider wrote in my autograph book “Your life lies before you, like a sheet of driven snow. Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show” and I’ve never forgotten it as it’s so true, especially at the beginning of a New Year.

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  • Your Winter Skin Care Routine Sorted

    As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, winter can play a big part in our pursuit to a clear and glowing complexion. Changes in temperature, central heating and lack of sunlight can all effect our skins tone, texture and general appearance.

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  • TEMPLESPA 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

    Welcome to Christmas 2021! And, welcome to the TEMPLESPA Joyful Places Seasonal Collection, your ultimate holiday gift guide.

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  • Why You Should Be Multi-Masking

    Our skin can change as quickly as the weather; one day super shiny and oily, the next dry and flaky. It can also be a combination of things at once; oily yet dehydrated or sensitive yet suffering from breakouts. Frustrating, right? If you’re wondering how to get smoother skin and how to get rid of blackheads at the same time, then you NEED to be multi masking.

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  • Why Do I Need A Toner For My Skin Care Routine?

    The basics of any good skin care routine start with a great cleanser. Cleansers have been designed to lift away the dirt, makeup and impurities from your skin, but did you know a toner is the finale of your cleansing routine? If you don’t have a toner in your routine, read on.

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