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  • Expert Spotlight: Samantha Beckinsale

    Sam is the founder of The Wellness Panel Ltd, a group of nutrition and exercise specialists who work with people to form habits that make them feel, look, and move as their optimal selves. I have over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry, specialising in women’s health at all stages of life.

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  • How to improve your sleep today

    Getting our optimum amount of sleep, and having a good, deep and restful sleep for that matter can be tricky. How many times have you been awake with thoughts like “I can’t sleep” swirling around your head and wondering how many more sheep you need to count before heading into a deep slumber?

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  • What does a moisturizer do?

    We all know we need one in our skincare routine, but what does a moisturizer do for our skin? We’ll share the why, how and what on everything you need to know about moisturizers and a few of our favourite TEMPLESPA choices.

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  • What’s the best face moisturizer for me?

    When choosing the moisturizer for our skincare routine, more often than not we’ll have a long list of everything we want it to achieve and tick off for us. From a bright and radiant finish and rehydrating dryness to helping to mattify your skin throughout the day or simply keeping everything in balance and check. With this guide you’ll meet the best moisturizer for your skin type, so keep reading and enjoy!

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  • How to destress guide

    We can all relate to when things have been piling up in your day, it might be work stress and a looming project coming your way, planning a big family milestone or simply a to-do list as long as your arm causing you to feel extra pressured. But fear not because we’re here to help with a few stress relief ideas and how to relieve stress right when you need it most.

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