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  • What are the benefits of an aromatherapy massage?

    It’s well known at TEMPLESPA that we love to indulge in a spa day and everything that has to hold, including an aromatherapy massage. But just what are the benefits and how do essential oils improve my next aromatherapy massage?

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  • Your Best Morning Skin Care Routine

    Naturally as an award-winning skin care brand, we’re jumping out of bed to get started on our skin care routine each morning. Our evening skin care routines can look like they involve many steps, tools and products, but our morning skin care routines are a firm part of getting us ready for the day. Let’s get into what a good morning skin care routine looks like and which products you need to add to your list.

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  • Top 5 Wellbeing Activities To Discover

    How we all look after our wellness and wellbeing is a core value of TEMPLESPA, through our award-winning products, beautiful aromatherapy blends, brand story and beyond. We love to share different wellbeing activities that you can do to look after both your physical and emotional wellbeing – and here are 5 you can easily add into your daily routine.

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  • Best Products For Glowing Skin

    Ready to elevate your skin care routine with the best glowing skin products from TEMPLESPA? Well then keep reading! In this blog we’ll explore the best serum for glowing skin, how to get a radiant complexion every day and why our best-selling cleansing balm makeup remover is the underdog that your skin care routine has been missing.

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  • How To Look After Your Workplace Wellbeing Plan

    Wellbeing and wellness are two words firmly set in our dictionary and they’ve been making movement in our workplace now too. You’ll know by now at TEMPLESPA we love to take care of our wellbeing, we believe your skin, body and soul health are intertwined and our workplace wellbeing plays an important role too. Now we spend most of our days at work, sometimes even beyond the 9-5, so we’ve pulled together a wellness action plan to help improve your workplace wellbeing.

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