We’re always taught to look to skin types such as dry, oily and combination for our skincare routines and these are a great initial gauge for building your skincare routine (more on this in our blog post Building Your Best Skincare Routine).

So if your skin is looking a little on the drier side and in need of serious hydration, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be answering your questions about what’s the best moisturizer for dry skin, which cleanser is for dry skin and how to treat dry skin on your face.

First, what’s the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

It’s important to understand the difference as anyone can have dehydrated skin, even oily and blemish-prone skin because it’s a condition and not a skin type. It’s when your skin is lacking in hydration – and every skin type needs hydration to carry on protecting and balancing your skin, basically doing its job.

Dehydrated skin can typically look dull, show premature signs of aging and experience itchiness. The pinch test will help you know if you have dehydrated skin; simply pinch a small amount of skin on your cheek and if your skin snaps back, you’re likely not dehydrated but if it takes a few moments to bounce back, it’s likely that you are dehydrated.

Dry skin is where your skin can appear flaky, have white flakes and redness or irritation and experience dry patches on the skin, which is because its lacking oils or lipids. Now we know what to look out for with dry skin, let’s get into it.

How to treat dry skin

IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt. A gorgeously buttery cleanser with unique crystalline pieces to gently exfoliate away dry patches on the skin.

Take a small amount into your hands, then massage across the face using circular motions to work it into the skin. Finish by using a damp muslin cloth to go in with one last massage before removing completely. The result… deeply cleansed and brightened skin!

BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum has a plethora of ingredients to do this, think apricot and sunflower oil along with soybean to naturally rehydrate the skin.

DOUBLE CREAM Hydrating Moisturiser, a thick and luxurious cream that’s perfect day and night. In this cream you’ll find our Phirmaderm™️ complex that’s a blend of plant extracts and Sodium Hyaluronate to lock in moisture fast.

IT’S ALL GOOD Nutritious Boost Facial Oil, the hydrating formula leaves skin replenished, more radiant and softer. Just a few drops of this daily as a little goes a long way!