What is the best teenager skin care routine?

Not sure where to start with the best products to include in a teenager’s skin care routine? You’re not alone in this! Excess oil and blemishes can be the horror of any hormonal teenager and at all times of the year but we’re here to help you out with our guide and recommended products.

First rule is to not skip any of the staple skincare steps of cleanse, tone and moisturise, especially if you have more oily skin as they are essential to balancing the production of oil and avoiding shiny skin!

Spots and blemishes are part of our hormonal system and for women they naturally appear when our hormone levels fluctuate each month. What happens when oily skin appears is that the production of sebum in our sebaceous gland has gone into overdrive, because it’s working to lubricate the skin, limit the growth of bacteria and prevent dryness and dehydration (now you can see why we say oily and teenage skin care routines shouldn’t skip the moisturiser!) If you have well balanced and moisturised skin, the production of sebum will stay balanced and in check too.

When your skin is more in balance that is when just the right amount of oil is produced to keep the skin functioning well and healthy, but no shiny patches in sight. But there are other factors which can tip the scales on our skin that result in excess oil production, so keep an eye out for other signs as to why you skin could be oilier than normal. So what’s the best routine for a teenage and oily skin care routine?

1. Cleanse

Your cleanser is something you’ll use both morning and night, a great morning cleanser option for teenagers or oily skin types is GOOD TO GO Foaming Cleanser. Our lightweight foam cleanser will gently cleanse the skin to leave it feeling soft, balanced and nourished without that taut tight feeling. Another great cleanser exfoliant hybrid option is BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Gentle Exfoliator, it’s a gorgeous creamy exfoliator that sloughs away at dead skin cells and leaves the skin polished and smooth.

You’ll want to double cleanse in the evening especially if you’ve been wearing makeup too, you can use the same cleanser twice or swap in your morning cleanser as your second cleanse. For an oily skin type or in any teenager skin care routine we love to use WAY TO GO Purifying Cleansing Wash as it effectively cleanses our pores, absorbs excess sebum and helps decongest. There’s no over stripping involved here so skin is left feeling comfortable and clean!


2. Tone

Often something we can overlook and skip in our skin care routine, but you’re missing out on an essential part, especially for a teenager skin care routine or those prone to being more oily. GLOWCOLIC Resurfacing Toner will be the ideal option here to gently exfoliate, help unblock clogged pores and lift away any remaining cleanser! The exfoliating three acids we’ve included are; glycolic, mandelic and lactic, along with Mediterranean extracts of grape, apple, lemon and orange that are all rich in natural acids and vitamin c.  

3. Serum

If you haven’t yet got a serum in your skin care routine, what have you been waiting for? Serums are highly concentrated blends of active ingredients that have a targeted job for your skin. For a teenager skin care routine we’d choose LET’S CONCENTRATE Skin Glowing Serum. What may appear to be a brightening serum (which it does a very good job at) it also has a unique blend of hardworking minerals of zinc, magnesium, manganese and potassium that help control blemishes and reduce oiliness too!


4. Moisturise

We repeat, moisturise your skin! Don’t think that because your skin is oily or is in a hormonal teenage stage that you can skip your moisturizer. It’ll only cause your skin to produce more oil to compensate and you’ll end up with even more oily skin! We love to use MOISTURE TO GO Balancing Moisturiser as it does exactly what is says to keep the skin hydrated without looking overly greasy or oily.

Extra: Mask

This wouldn’t feature in your daily skin care routine but once or twice a week a mask is ideal for going a little deeper into your pores to help decongest. Not only is PURIFICATION Deep Cleansing Mask a fun mud mask to apply and pull a few funny faces in the mirror at, it acts like a vacuum cleaner for the pores. Our Seberderm™ complex plus Mediterranean botanicals of tea tree, algae, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, pomegranate, myrtle and anise all work in harmony to decongest pores for blemish prone skin. They target that excess oil production, prevent bacteria build-up and naturally leave skin feeling cleansed and soothed.