What do you first think of when we say ‘vitamin C’? Fresh orange juice, citrus scents, bright, radiant skin. The ultimate goal of glowy, radiant skin with vitamin c is so easily achieved nowadays with massive skincare advances and clever formulations. In this blog we’ll share the benefits of vitamin c skincare, which is the best vitamin c serum to try and just why you need this mighty vitamin in your skincare routine.


What are the benefits of vitamin c for the skin?

It’s the most searched-for and sought-after skincare ingredient of all time so we already know we’re onto something brilliant here. It’s a powerhouse antioxidant that actively delivers brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.

Time to breakdown the top skin benefits from adding vitamin c to your skincare routine:

  • Brightening. Cleverly helping to transform dull, lacklustre skin to radiant complexions. What vitamin c does is help reduce the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin texture and tone. Ticking off all the areas we associate with the opposite of glowing and radiant skin!
  • Protecting. It’s known that vitamin c is a potent antioxidant and because of this it’s highly effective in protecting our skin from damaging free radicals that we’re exposed to daily, even when you might not see it. Vitamin c aids in neutralising these free radicals and fighting against premature ageing, dullness, dry skin and breakouts! A pretty great all-round protector right?
  • Smoothing. By adding vitamin c skincare to your daily routine, you’ll see smoother skin tone and texture. Overall your skin will be looking brighter, more youthful and full of vibrancy!


Is vitamin c good for the skin?

In short, yes! From the long long list of benefits and thousands of monthly online search terms for the brightening ingredient, we firmly believe it is the essential for every skincare routine. Nowadays it’s easy to add vitamin c into your skincare routine via a variety of products, but the best vitamin c skincare is within a serum. And we have a new face we’d like to introduce you to…

Meet LET’S CONCENTRATE Skin Glowing Serum

The trend for glowing, radiant skin will always be here and our appetite for energised, brighter and smoother skin is only growing in this area. From this our LET’S CONCENTRATE was born, the need for a super-charged vit c serum for everyone’s daily skincare routines.

Our newest addition is a high-performance innovative gel serum, enriched with brilliantly clever active ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation, provide a more even skin tone and overall brightness. Hello our new favourite vit c serum!

You’ll experience the uplifting orange zest aroma, (we call it a health kick for your skin!) then discover the lightweight gelee texture as it melts and glides onto the skin with ease to  leave skin plump and hydrated with a beautifully healthy glow.

So what ingredients are in the best vitamin c serum?

  • Ascorbyl Glucoside. A new form of vitamin C that’s more stable and works by being released once in contact with the skin and over time so it’s more effective
  • Sodium Hyaluronate. A form of hyaluronic acid that works to hydrate and plump the skin. By attracting moisture to the skin and reducing dryness in one, this hydrating ingredient is a game-changer!
  • Alpha Arbutin. A smart ingredient derived from the dried leaves of blueberry, cranberry and bearberry plants. Working in conjunction with our vitamin C ingredient to help reduce age spots and redness in blemishes.
  • Orange Essential Oil. Radiance boosting, promoting clarity and smoothness for overall clearer skin! This is where your zesty aroma comes from.
  • Lemon Fruit Water. A clever astringent that helps inhibit the production of melanin, thus hyperpigmentation and clearer, brighter skin.
  • Zinc, magnesium, manganese and potassium PCA. All hardworking minerals for helping control blemishes and reducing oiliness and redness.


Now all that’s left to ask is, are you ready to concentrate? Discover LET’S CONCENTRATE today.