Wellbeing and wellness are two words firmly set in our dictionary and they’ve been making movement in our workplace now too. You’ll know by now at TEMPLESPA we love to take care of our wellbeing, we believe your skin, body and soul health are intertwined and our workplace wellbeing plays an important role too. Now we spend most of our days at work, sometimes even beyond the 9-5, so we’ve pulled together a wellness action plan to help improve your workplace wellbeing.


How do you define wellbeing in the workplace?

We define it as the state of employees’ mental wellbeing and physical health which are directly affected by the workplace. In a more detailed view we look at factors like relationships with co-workers, the pressures of your role, the tools and resources you have access to and overall work/life balance.

Our wellness action plans:

Meditation. Carving out a 5-minute slice in your day to take a moment to reflect with a mindfulness meditation can help boost your overall workplace wellbeing. Find a quiet space if you’re in the office or somewhere comfortable at home, away from your desk, laptop and any distractions. Pay close attention to the present moment, any thoughts, emotions and sensations that come your way and let your mind roam. Return your awareness to your breath, being present for each inhalation and exhalation and continue for as long as needed, allow yourself this time for mindfulness meditation.

Eye Yoga. The workplace can often be a big source of stress and strain for our eyes, as they’re constantly attached to a bright screen, reading text or generally working in overdrive. Try to practice eye yoga, by controlling our eyes in a series of movements that helps to stretch and refresh them so they can focus again. Read our full eye yoga guide for all the steps.

Scent your space. Our sense of smell has more influence on your mental and workplace wellbeing than you think! We’ve carefully crafted beautiful relaxing aromatherapy blends in our 22-year history, helping to cultivate a peaceful mind to settle your workplace wellbeing. Try a few spritzes of QUIETUDE around your space, with Mediterranean essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, vetiver and more to bring that spa-like relaxed feeling wherever you are.

Cool down with AAAHHH! Our brilliant Instant Cooling Balm is a great essential on your desk for your workplace wellbeing plan. Originally you can use it for aching limbs and soothing calves, but we adore using it on the back of our necks when we’re feeling the strain. Massage in a generous amount across the back of your neck then add a damp cool flannel to enhance the soothing results and feel that aahhh….

Write it down. A source of stress at work can be feeling overwhelmed with a lot of tasks on your to do list and no idea where to start. A simple thing to do is to write it all down, in no particular order but writing down your worries and concerns in a mindless can feel like lifting a weight off your shoulders. Form an action plan for each point and start with small steps.


Bookmark this blog for when you need a reminder on how to boost your workplace wellbeing and support your day to day wellbeing at work.