Wellness and wellbeing are part of the TEMPLESPA journey and our products, we believe it’s not only your skin health that needs looking after but also your soul health. Over the past year our wellbeingness has become a topic more broadly spoken about and highlighted across every industry, as we understand more about what can be done to help.


What is wellness?

Let’s take it back to basics and understand what wellness actually is. It’s the act of practicing healthy habits on a regular basis to help improve your physical and mental health. Taking into consideration your living wellness as well as your emotional wellness, there are different types of wellness and ways in which you can your overall wellbeing.


Our top wellness tips:


Take a walk in nature

There are many studies that demonstrate the effects of nature on our physical and mental wellbeing, especially during months of the year where daylight is lacking. Try incorporating a daily walk into your routine and if it helps, add purpose with something to do like visiting the shop or dropping something off. It doesn’t have to be hard physical exercise to improve your wellbeing, there are great tutorials on yoga and spinning helps elevate your heart rate and pushes those endorphins around to boost your mood. Morale of the story, let’s get moving!

Clear your mind with writing and creative outlets

Take your moments and frustrations from the day and write them down, tick off anything that you can’t control and keep the things you can before making a plan. Having something going round in your head before bed can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Also trying more creative hobbies like cross stitch, colouring, pottery and others that can help improve our living wellness by developing new skills and confidence, as well as feeling accomplished.


Music relaxation

What music and sounds we’re exposed to can help inspire, uplift moods, aid in calming and soothing our senses and everything in between. Choose calming background music for when you’re feeling a little frazzled, need some time out or want to settle down for the evening for a good night’s sleep.

Stay connected

Tapping into our emotional wellbeing, connection with friends, family and loved ones can do the world of good. Why not try picking up the phone for a call rather than texting your friend? Drop into a relative for a visit and catch up from the past few months. Try scheduling in a few connecting sessions and see how positively it uplifts your mood.


Happiness box

For when you’re having a bad day, exhausted from work or just need a pick me up, turn to your Happiness Box. This can be something as simple as your favourite film, a chocolate bar, a spa-day pamper product and notebook with notes and reminders of your brilliant qualities and accomplishments. Start building yours and tuck it away for whenever you need a lift!