How To: Eye Yoga For Tired Puffy Eyes

The new buzz word on the street is eye yoga, all about how we can take the pressure and strain off of our eyes and help unattached them from the ever-growing digital world we live in. So let’s take a look at what eye yoga is and how it can help with tired puffy eyes.


What is eye yoga?

The idea of eye yoga is using only eye movements that help to strengthen and relieve the muscles around your eye area. If you think about how many hours we spend in front of our computer, phones or concentrating at work, we could all do with a little eye yoga in our daily lives.

We’ll be sharing a few techniques for eye yoga and the different exercises you can try at home, plus a few TEMPLESPA products to help you along the way and aid in tired puffy eyes.


Exercise 1

Eye Rolling

Not the kind of eye rolling that you might do behind work meetings, but something quick and easy you can do on a break. Start with your eyes straight ahead and rotate them towards the ceiling. Next focus on rolling your eyes to the far right, to the floor then to the far left before going back to the ceiling and then straight ahead. Repeat this sequence 2-4 times and switch up the directions to try stretching different muscles. Taking away strain from your eyes and exercising these muscles can help improve puffy eyes.

Exercise 2


This exercise is not only great for calming and resting your eyes, but it’s brilliant for taking a moment to pause during a busy day as well. Rub your palms together for 15 seconds until they’re warmed and energised before placing your hands over your eyes, fingertips in your forehead, palms over your eyes and the heels of your hands resting on your cheeks. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply from your stomach and relax. Do this for as long as needed, when you feel ready gently blink your eyes open. Our eyes can be under great strain during the day and not being able to rest them can be a factor in causing dark circles.


Exercise 3

Focus Shifting

Like your camera focuses on your subject, our eyes need a helping hand improving their focus too! Place your left hand our as far as it will go and raise your thumb in a thumps-up signal. Keep your eyes focused on your thumb while you slowly move it towards your nose until you can no longer focus on it. Take a pause and then lengthen your arm back to its original position while maintaining focus on your thumb. Repeat up to 10 times to improve your eye’s focus!


Bookmark this blog to come back to for whenever your eyes are feeling a little strained and you’re experiencing dark circles and puffy eyes. For more eye care advice and product recommendations, visit our The Eye Care Guide: Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes and Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Guide blogs.