We can all relate to when things have been piling up in your day, it might be work stress and a looming project coming your way, planning a big family milestone or simply a to-do list as long as your arm causing you to feel extra pressured. But fear not because we’re here to help with a few stress relief ideas and how to relieve stress right when you need it most.


What causes stress?

We’ve touched on a few points that could be causing stress to you and your day, but let’s share the science behind it to help our understanding and learn about the ways to destress!

When we’re feeling under pressure the nervous system sends signals to our bodies to release stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol, triggering that fight-or-flight response some of us know all too well.

Practically what causes stress can be money, relationships, work, and general life worries. However by understanding and pinpointing where your stress is and mapping out clear, helpful steps to reducing your stress levels, you can help improve your overall wellbeing and recognise useful ways to prevent you feeling stressed in the future. As always, seek professional help and support if you ever feel like your stress is unmanageable.

How can stress affect my skin?

While stress can be something we manage internally in ourselves, we can also recognise changes in our skin caused by stress. It could be neglecting your skincare routine for a period, perhaps not feeding ourselves with a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet or picking up habits that can result in our skin looking dull, decongested and in need of a touch of TEMPLESPA TLC.

At TEMPLESPA our motto is about bringing the spa wherever you are and in high times of stress, planning an extra 10 minutes into your busy schedule can do all the wonders for your skin and soul health combined!

All of our products have to tick three areas before they are available for you to try and fall in love with. They are texture, fragrance, and results, first you notice the texture of a product, cashmere soft moisturizers, gentle exfoliating creams and super refreshing gels are all in our skin care forte. Fragrance is another area you first notice in a new skin care product, how does it smell to me, what does it remind me of? We use beautiful blends of Mediterranean essential oils that can soothe and calm a busy mind or uplift flagging spirits and kick start the day off. Then we have results, fusing derma-science with Mediterranean ingredients, we’ve created award-winning and high-performing products, so you achieve exactly what you set out for in your skin.

Ways to destress using TEMPLESPA products and rituals

  • TEMPLESPA Spotify Playlists. We’ve partnered with brilliant composers and musicians Chris and Abby Eaton to create two TEMPLESPA albums. First is our The Repose Suite of restful music to ease you into a deep slumber, alongside the Moments Of Peace album that mixes layers of warmth and depth and dreamy vocals to bring back a central feeling of peace. You can listen to both of our Spotify playlists here
  • QUIETUDE Chill Out & Sleep Well Mist. A hero amongst many households across the country, but QUIETUDE deserves its spot in our How To Destress blog. Filling the room and cocooning your body in a calming Mediterranean essential oil blend of lavender, patchouli and vetiver to name but a few. Discover the fragrance to help soothe your senses
  • REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream. Called ‘a good night’s sleep in a jar’ our cashmere cream settles stressed skin. With our signature comforting essential oils, this cream combines relaxation and skin care in one. A must-try product you can find here
  • Liz’s top work stress tip “A tidy desk is a tidy mind! Sometimes when I’ve got a lot going on I find it can be really helpful to have a physical tidy of your desk and also your digital desk, clear out those emails, reply to who needs a reply to and delete the rest if they’re not needed! I think it’s super important to have a regular desk tidy to alleviate stress.”

We hope you’ve found a few ideas and resources to help relieve your stress and along your way to leading a destressed life! Bookmark this page for whenever you need a little reminder to come back to.