The key differences between our morning and night time skin care routines are the different steps and products. When we’re applying our morning skin care routine our aim is to awaken our skin and prepare it for makeup or just the day ahead! Our night skin care routine steps focus around replenishing, restoring and settling the skin, which is why there are so many products and steps to include! Let’s get into it.


You’ll always double cleanse in the evening, the first cleanse is to remove makeup, SPF and such sitting on the top of your skin and the second cleanse helps to really decongest, clear out those pores and get your skin ready for the next step.

If you’re wondering what cleaner to add to your night skin care routine, we’d recommend IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt as your first step to really breakdown the makeup and SPF on your skin. Then adding in a cream or gel cleanser like DUAL ACT Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion or WAY TO Go Purifying Cleansing Wash to help with any last traces your first cleanse has picked up.



Often the most skipped step in any skin care routine, morning or night, toners are not to be underestimated. We call our toner as the ‘cleansing finale’ because even after double cleansing, you’ll be surprised at what’s left on your skin. Try adding a toner to your night skin care routine to see a difference.

A great all-rounder at TEMPLESPA is our TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol to help balance and soothe the skin. Spritz onto a cotton pad then sweep across the skin. If exfoliation is key for your night skin care routine steps, you won’t go far wrong with adding GLOWCOLIC Resurfacing Toner to yours once every few days. This clever toner utilizes AHAs, vitamin C and Mediterranean fruit extracts to gently lift away dead skin cells and to help visibly brighten dull complexions.


This step isn’t something you’ll have in your morning routine, but it’s that extra special treat for your night skin care routine. A mask is a classic example of this, as it’s not something that will feature every day but once a week is the perfect amount. Masks can help plump, firm, add radiance, exfoliate and so much more for your skin. Take your top skin concern, then match yourself to a TEMPLESPA mask

Another treat in your night skin care routine steps is with a serum. These are highly concentrated skin care products designed to support and reach the lower levels of the skin. Again, by matching a skin concern such as age spots, wrinkles, dullness etc. can help pair you with a serum. Our serum assortment will be the perfect addition to your night time skin care routine.

Eye care is a great treat step here and requires special attention because the skin around our eyes is commonly thinner than the rest of our skin – plus those pesky wrinkles and fine lines are there! We’d recommend incorporating an eye cream like our WINDOWS OF THE SOUL Eye Treatment Gel-Cream to cool and refresh tied eyes and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Alternatively, if you’re looking to target wrinkles and fine lines, our EYE TRUFFLE 24-Hour Eye Rejuvenation is a great option for a night skin care routine. Packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients to help brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



At the end of our night skin care routine steps we’re looking for a brilliant moisturizer. Check in with your skin type and its needs to see which TEMPLESPA moisturizer is the perfect match for you, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Gently massage this all across your face until absorbed then you’re ready for bed!

A few of our best night creams for aging skin to mention are our TRUFFLE NOIR 24-Hour Skin Rejuvenation and REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream. Beginning with our luxurious TRUFFLE NOIR, this deeply hydrating night cream helps firm the skin by replacing lost moisture, brightening complexions and helping prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – pretty clever we’d say!

What we’re known for at TEMPLESPA is our aromatherapy and blending this seamless with skincare, a la REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream. This is a cashmere textured night moisturizer that’s full of essential oils and vitamins to settle and comfort the skin and busy minds in one. It’s truly the best night cream you’ll find around!