Easy Skincare At Home

Since spending more time at home, we’ve discovered a new easy way to implement our skincare at home with a luxury spa-like twist. It’s what we do best at TEMPLESPA, helping you to ‘spa wherever you are’. Here are our tips, advice and product recommendations for easy skincare at home that boosts your skin and soul health.


Facial Massages

A quick and easy way to give your skincare a boost at home. We recommend using upward and circular motions across your cheeks, be super gentle around your eye area as this skin is 10 times thinner. When applying any kind of product to your eyes, use your ring finger and gently dab the product in (don’t massage or ‘swipe’ across!). A great massage is to take your index and middle finger, place just above your eyebrow then firmly massage upwards – this helps to ‘lift’ and massage the area!


Regular Multi-Masking

Got sensitivity mixed with spot prone skin but no time to use two face masks one after the other? Try multi-masking. The method is about applying specific masks to areas of concern e.g. PURIFICATION across oily areas like your t-zone, then BECALM to areas of sensitivity like your cheeks. Use as many masks as you’d like, we’d recommend 2-3 masks and once per week. An easy way to indulge and pamper your skin in one go!

Double Cleanse Every Day

This step may seem excessive, but trust us, double cleansing will make the rest of your skincare easy. We use a balm cleanser like IN THE BEGINNING to remove makeup, oil and impurities from the day, really working it into the skin for a deep cleanse. Remove with a muslin cloth which is damp from warm water. Open up the muslin cloth to cover your face and leave for a few minutes to help dilate pores – this tip is brilliant to help unclog pores of dirt and oil! Follow with a gel or cream cleanser like DUAL ACT to remove any last traces and refresh the skin. You now have clean and fresh skin for your next step, easy skincare at home done!


Regular Facial Mist

Did you know our bodies can lose between three to four litres of water each day? Simple activities like breathing and perspiring means we’re constantly losing water and that change can be reflected in our skin too. An easy at home skincare tip we’ve found is keeping a facial mist on our desk or nearby to us. Take TONING ESSENCE, a gentle and soothing blend of Mediterranean ingredients replenishes the skin. Hold it away from the face, close your eyes and spritz all over at regular intervals during the day, waking you and your skin up.

We hope you’ve found a few new tips to try for an easy skincare routine at home. The best thing you can do for your skin is dedicate time for it, so carve out time to take good care of your skin and incorporate these tips into them. You’ll find your skin improving and enjoying the routine along the way!