As we’re in the full swing of summer now and enjoying the beautiful warm water, we’re also thinking about our body care routine. Perhaps the old exfoliant for your legs or body cleanser that’s been gathering dust in your cabinet is being dragged out, and they’re in serious need of an upgrade. This blog will give you inspiration for your body care routine and share the best exfoliant for your legs, so let’s get into it!


Why do I need to exfoliate my legs?

Exfoliation is not just exclusive to our legs, all of our skin needs some gentle exfoliation I one way or another about once a week. That’s because layers of dead skin cells can build up over time and cause skin to become dull, uneven and not glowing as much as we’d like it to be!

There are many other benefits to exfoliating the skin, if your skin has a layer of dead skin cells on top then the moisturiser/cleanser/serum you apply will have issues reaching the layers of your skin and doing the job they need to do! So regular exfoliation gives them a helping hand and makes your overall body care routine more effective.

What is the best exfoliator for the legs?

There’s a huge variety of ways to exfoliate your legs and it is personal preference on which you’d like to include in your body care routine. You may find some exfoliants produce quicker rather than others, but just remember it’s important to keep on top of your exfoliating throughout the year!


Physical exfoliant

You’ll find these are your traditional scrubs, the ones which physically slough away at dead skin cells and lift them clean off the skin for soft, smooth results. We love SUGAR BUFF Smoothing Body Scrub which uses a mixture of sugar and almond shell powder to gently exfoliate the skin, along with nourishing olive and grape oils to boost hydration and vitamin rich Mediterranean fruits of pomegranate and fig. Massage this scrub into damp skin in circular motions for visibly healthier, smoother glowing skin.

Another type of physical exfoliant is an exfoliating body brush, known as an ancient technique for using on dry skin. We’d recommend trying this just before you jump in the shower, use firm swift brush motions towards the heart to help smooth uneven skin texture and promote smoother, firmer skin.


Chemical exfoliant

Most commonly you’ll find these are your AHAs like glycolic acid and they provide a quick and instant exfoliating refreshment. They’re particularly great for areas like tops of arms and knees as they can become rough in texture, so we turn to MOST REVEALING Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel. We bet you thought this was just for the face? It’s a great exfoliant for the legs for when you need some quick and targeted action, simply apply to slightly damp skin and allow it to fizz and bubble away as it gently exfoliates!


What body care routine should I follow? 

It’s likely that many of us will have a regular everyday body care routine which features minimal fussy steps but quick results. In this body care routine we’ll share what you can do to elevate your routine, including the best exfoliant for the legs.

Step 1 body cleanser

Any good body cleanser will aid in lifting away dirt, grime and oils from the day that our skin collects, and provide that ‘aaaahhh!’ refreshed feeling! We’d choose our body cleanser LA LA LAGOON Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel that lightly foams with water and cleanses, softens and purifies the skin. We’ve added fragrance like bergamot for that refreshing revived feeling, while the cool marine blue colour transports you to a Mediterranean lagoon…


Step 2 body exfoliant

You can use our SUGAR BUFF Smoothing Body Scrub as a traditional deep exfoliant for the legs, the sugar pieces work to lift away any dead skin cells clinging on and causing dullness and uneven skin texture. Work this in circular motions across the body and really focus on areas like the knees, heels and elbows which can become rough with dead hard skin build up. 

Step 3 body moisturiser

Depending on the time of year you may switch up your body moisturizer, choosing a thicker butter-type for the winter and then a lighter lotion in the summer. For a super nourishing dry skin body cream you’ll adore DUVET Comforting Body Cream that combines hydrating oils and vitamins with our Aquaxyl™ complex to restore dehydration fast.

For the summer PEACE BE STILL Calming Skin Balm will be your hero, not only for soothing the skin but leaving it oh-so silky and soft to touch, it includes a combination of extracts like coriander, lemon, vitamin B5 and Mediterranean essential oils that work to settle and hydrate the skin.

And there’s the best exfoliant for legs and your guide to the which dry skin body cream and body cleanser to have in your routine. For more on body care routines, check out other blogs, How to find the best body moisturizers for me, What is the best body care routine? and Summer body care routine.