Top 10 Beauty Tips You Didn’t Know About

Each and every day we think is a brilliant opportunity to learn something new and with over 21 years in the skincare industry, here at TEMPLESPA we have one or two new beauty tips to share with you. Beauty tips are super useful to know and store because you never know when they may come in use and they may just take your skincare routine from great to amazing.


Here’s our Top 10 Beauty Tips You Didn’t Know About:

1. Layer Your Serums

If you love to use more than one serum in your skincare routine, here’s a great beauty tip for you. Try choosing the one with the thinnest consistency first, followed by the one with the thickest. This allows the first serum to reach further, rather than battling its way through the second heavier serum

2. Masks Are Great For Applying During The Bath Or Post-Shower

A warm and steamy bath will help dilate pores, then apply a decongesting mask like PURIFICATION Deep Cleansing Mask to unclog those pores and leave skin feeling cleansed and fresh! Alternatively post-shower, apply a hydrating mask like QUENCH Rejuvenating Mask to lock-in moisture from your skin and leave complexions looking fuller and plumper!


3. Know The Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated

Dry skin is a skin type and can appear flaky and irritated with white flakes. Rather than dehydrated skin which is a skin condition – and any skin type can have this condition! Dehydrated skin looks dull, can show premature signs of ageing and is lacking in water rather than oils which is dry skin. Know the difference to help your skincare choices.


4. Tap Your Eye Cream

The eye area has some of the thinnest skin and deserves extra care when applying eye products. Use your ring finger to tap (don’t massage!) in an eye cream until fully absorbed. This won’t stretch or pull on the delicate skin which can become damaged.

5. Cleansing Cloths Will Be Your New Best Friend

How well a cleanser works for you can depend on how you apply it. For example using a cleansing cloth alongside your cleanser (we’d recommend IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt means it can help to exfoliate, reach those hard-to-get-to places and ensure all cleanser, makeup, oil and impurities are removed.


6. Use An Oil On Cuticles

Improve the health of not only your cuticles but nails too with an oil. Focus on massaging a generous amount into cuticles, then carry any excess around the nail too. It’s a brilliant treatment between nail colours to help restore and repair.


7. Shampoo Roots. Condition Ends.

It’s a misconception that you need to shampoo everywhere, but the main place to focus is your scalp. Concentrate on massaging your shampoo there to lift away dead skin cells and dirt. Then use a conditioner only on the ends to smooth and add shine, anything too near the scalp can cause greasiness!

8. Avoid Rubbing Hair With A Towel

Our hair is at its most delicate when wet so using a rough towel to dry our hair is a big no-no. Try a microfibre towel turban or gently squeeze excess water out to dry your hair.


9. Circular Motions For Health

We don’t just recommend applying body lotions and scrubs in circular motions for no reason. By massaging products into the skin in this method helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage = healthier skin.


10. Apply Leftover Skincare To Your Hands

Taken out just a little too much serum or moisturiser? Massage it into the back of your hands! Our constant hand washing and activities throughout the day means our hands are put to hard work. So giving them a helping hand with an anti-ageing serum or hydrating moisturiser goes a long way to supporting the skin.


We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Beauty Tips You Didn’t Know About and discovered a few new tricks to try. It’s easy to become stuck in the same routine, but try one of our beauty tips and see where it takes you. Don’t forget you can find us on Facebook and Instagram for more daily tips, product favourites and more.