At first you may think, why do I need a serum? What does a face serum do? We like to think of serums as a super booster for our skin, “serums are our skin of the future” is what we say. They’re liquid forms with high concentrations of ingredients that target your skin concerns. They may not work instantly, but once they’ve worked their way to the layers of your skin, is where they can do their best job for you.

Let us share with you the best TEMPLESPA serums to try and for which skin types and concerns:


Best for: fine lines and wrinkles, anti-ageing


Our super luxe serum is high performing and delivers immediate, short and long-term results (we know, it’s amazing!) which has been crafted by Swiss derma-scientists using unique patented technology. Not short of wow ingredients like black summer truffles, gold, silk peptides, champagne and encapsulated retinol. This wonder ingredient aids in collagen production for firmer and plumper complexions.


Best for: replacing hydration, improving skin tone, great all-rounder


We call this our ‘super juice’ serum for the skin, because it gives vitality and health to complexions! For when your skin is feeling weak and in need of reinforcing and a helping hand, BE STRONG is our favourite. A cocktail of vitamins, liquorice extract, Mediterranean botanicals and our Calmaderm™ complex reduces redness, adds hydration and supports the skin when it needs it most.


Best for: firming and plumping, anti-ageing


Skin lost its bounce and in need of a lift? We have just the serum. BE FIRM works at your lower skin levels to increase elasticity and collagen production thus firmer skin for you! This serum ticks the three areas of protection, prevention and repair by reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, plumping the skin and improving bounce and resilience too!


Best for: age spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone


The clever serum that helps with uneven skin tone, targets age spots and pigmentation and helps to leave skin brighter and clear. We’ve included amazing Mediterranean extracts with power ingredient complexes that does it all. Open pores, scarring, age spots and uneven pigmentation are skincare woes of the past with our intelligent BE CLEAR facial serum.


You can layer your serums but remember to add the one with the thinnest texture first to allow it to absorb into your skin! Follow through with moisturiser to protect the outer layer of your skin. 


We hope you now know which serum is best for you – and make sure to share on our Facebook and Instagram which one you choose.