If we’re all honest, the ability to hide under layers during the colder seasons, takes our eye off the ball when it comes to giving our bodies the care they need and deserve. Chances are right now, things need a little TLC and we’re here to help you with our How To: Exfoliate your legs.

But why is exfoliating such a key part of skin care and what is the best exfoliator for your body?


The Why:

Skin is our biggest organ, a continuous barrier to external aggressors that threaten to de-stabilise the delicate balance beneath the surface. Skin has a lamellar structure and is made up of layers. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin and is your first line of defence, continuously regenerating with new cells that move through the layers within the monthly cycle of skin renewal.

After time, cells that have reached the surface die and are shed by the new cells pushing through. This process of renewal and shedding, slows with age, meaning dead skin cells or ‘keratinocytes’ cling to the skin causing a dullness, lack of radiance and texture inconsistency. This cycle is constantly working away!

Exfoliation is the process of removing these dead skin cells to clear the path for fresh, luminous skin to shine and helping to smooth out uneven skin texture. By stimulating circulation, removing congestion and smoothing skin, you can help avoid ingrown hairs and maintain a healthy glow throughout the seasons. Sounds like a no brainer, right?

The How:

There are so many ways to improve skin texture from dry brushing to acids, it comes down to what suits you and your skin best.

Physical Exfoliator – scrubs, polishes, buffs, brushes, mitts, gloves, sponges… This is without doubt hugely effective and has tremendous results from the first use. The trick here is knowing your skin and how it reacts to treatment, you’ve got to trust what feels right to you.

There are no set rules, it’s your skin your rules…but, the harsher the treatment – the less frequent you apply. Build up resilience and be cautious in how much pressure you apply so that you avoid causing undue stress to the skin.

Chemical Exfoliator – Acid. Sounds scary, but they are your best friend in achieving glowing skin quickly. Often naturally derived from milk, nuts, sugar cane they work to dissolve surface impurities and rid the skin of build-up. Used regularly can result in clearer, even skin tone and smooth texture and tone.

Again, build up to see the tolerance of your skin and see how you get on with chemical exfoliators!

Enzymatic Exfoliator – the gentlest of all processes, fruit enzymes such as pineapple or papaya dissolve dead skin cells and surface debris, but at a slower pace more suited to more delicate skins.

The What:

Dry Body Brush - There is nothing more effective at boosting the circulation than dry body brushing. As it smooths the skins surface, keeping it soft and supple to touch and helping keep dry patches at bay! This ancient spa practice will revive and invigorate your skin and is the perfect way to prep for self-tan. Sure, it takes a bit of practice to find the right pressure and rhythm – but you can get those limbs looking smooth and silky in no time. This ancient spa practice will revive and invigorate your skin and is the perfect way to prep for self-tan.

Build up your technique every few days initially.

Before you step into the shower, take a firm grip and buff in sweeping movements from toes upwards.

Feel the tingle!


Sugar Scrub – Mouth-watering fragrance, silky smooth skin and deliciously scoopable.

SUGAR BUFF Smoothing Body Scrub - the best body scrub you can treat your skin to at home and the veil of nourishing oil that envelops your body feels delicious as you pat dry. Great as a deep exfoliating product, massage into damp skin in circular motions to invigorate and work to reveal silky smooth skin again!  

Acid Peel – If you’re feeling decadent…or your skin needs intensive resurfacing but you want to avoid the scrub, choose MOST REVEALING Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel. Use sparingly on the backs of thighs or arms to help rid the pores of stubborn congestion and uneven texture. The cocktail of acids will dissolve build up, a great way to kick-start a new skincare routine.

Start as you mean to go on and build in exfoliation as part of your regular body care regime and you won’t need that intensive summer skin overhaul!