The Benefits of Serums


So, there’s lots of talk around about serums, but what are they and more importantly why should you use one? Here’s a bit of a mini explanation…

Basically, a serum is a bespoke mini treatment that pays detailed, designer attention to a specific skincare issue that you might have. They deliver a boost of high quality, key ingredients deep down to the cells where they are needed most.

You select a serum based on the expert job you require it to do - whether that be to treat sensitivity, age-spots or wrinkles, or any of the other anti-ageing and skin-stress issues we face today.


If you’re feeling sensitive, stressed, or you’ve been under the weather, you’ll love BE STRONG. We call it our super-juice for the skin and it’s a vitamin rich cocktail that will soothe, de-sensitize and restore strength.

If you feel the scaffolding in your skin is collapsing a bit and you could do with an architect to help re-build some of the wrinkles and sagging bits, then BE FIRM is for you. Designed to accelerate cell renewal and boost collagen production, this will be your non-surgical savior.

If your complexion doesn’t look so smooth, suffers from hyper-pigmentation, age spots or scars and has generally lost its vigor, BE CLEAR is a great tonic that will help correct and brighten the skin.

So unless you are blessed with perfect skin, then you might find one of these serums is perfect for giving your complexion the extra special attention its been craving for.