Serums vs moisturisers


Surprisingly, this is a question that a lot of people ask. This blog post is therefore dedicated to imparting some technical know-how about serums.

  • Serums are mostly gel-like in texture whereas moisturiser formulations can range in texture from lotion to cream. Moisturisers also give a certain immediate skin feel to the skin – either dewy, matte, cashmere, silk or cotton like. The formula and texture of serums are designed to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.
  • Serums have a more highly concentrated mix of active ingredients than a moisturiser – like super-vitamins!
  • Serums treat the foundation layer of your skin, whereas a moisturiser is designed to add a critical layer of protection on top.
  • Serums are concentrated – so just like your concentrated dishwashing liquid, a ‘little goes a long way’! You only need to apply a 5p coin size.
  • Serums are applied by pressing into the skin. Moisturisers are applied by a gentle massaging technique.

So, convinced you need both? In essence, a serum is a professional ‘problem solver’ for the skin. We have a task force of three and they’re designed to communicate with skin cells and tell them to Be Strong, Be Firm or Be Clear.

They’re all formulated with a fine, gel-like texture which is designed to penetrate the skin at the deepest possible level and each contains a prescription of specific concentrated ingredients to correct each kind of problem. You can mix and match one at a time, to create a bespoke prescription to treat multiple issues. Simply apply before your day and night-time moisturiser as a restorative treatment. Pop over now and choose one.