Maintaining Your Fake Tan

Once you are gloriously tanned and gorgeous all you have to do are a few simple things to keep your self-tan topped up, well maintained and looking totally ‘tanatbulous’. Moisturising well and using a bronzer is a good start:

  • Moisturise using a non-oil based moisturiser every day to keep your skin hydrated and therefore avoiding any cracking or flaking. 
  • Carefully pat your skin dry after baths/shower/swimming rather than rubbing
  • Be aware that the more you swim and shower the more your tan is likely to fade
  • Don’t take very hot baths or showers as this encourages removal of the tan
  • Apply fake tan weekly to build it up
  • Use a wash off tinted lotion on your body or  a tinted face gel to top up your tan if you don’t have time to apply another layer of fake tan
  • Use a bronzer on your face to intensify that summer bronzed glow


  • Remember- it’s all in the prep! Make sure you prepare your skin well before you apply the fake tan
  • Don’t use an oil based moisturiser before, during or after fake tanning
  • Make sure you pay good attention to the Tricky Bits!
  • For a long lasting tan remember to maintain it by moisturising and using bronzers
  • Do remember to wear a high factor sunscreen on your face and body to protect your lovely skin from harmful UV rays

The best way to self-tan is to follow PAM. PAM consists of three simple and easy to remember steps that help to create a healthy looking and flawless  semi-permanent fake tan. These are PREPARATION, APPLICATION and MAINTENANCE. A fake tan will never, ever pass as a real tan if elbows, knees and heels appear three shades darker than the rest of your body. Patchy wrists, feet and hands can also give the game away big time. That’s why our Temple Spa Guide on ‘How To Achieve The Best Fake Tan Ever‘ will talk you through the whole self-tanning process and make sure you not only cover the basics but the ‘Tricky Bits’ too. This means you will be able to flaunt your beautifully tanned body with both confidence and style.


Best for Maintaining A Fake Tan