How To Prepare For The Perfect Night Out

Lets face it girls. There are nights in, where comfy trousers and no makeup are the order of the evening, but then there is those other type of nights - the special ones! Here’s a gorgeous spa-at-home routine to help you look your most fabulous.

Pop on some feel-good music and light a LIGHT MY FIRE candle. Cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser, then pop under the shower to wet your body. Lightly massage SUGAR BUFF all over.  Apply a skin-brightening mask, like BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE, all over your face and neck.  Singing in the shower is not optional!

Rinse everything off, then gently dab yourself dry. Give the girl you see in the mirror a big grin.

Grab that pot of DUVET and with lashings of love, massage your whole body. SKIN TRUFFLE is the one you’ve been using in the lead up to this night, and so you are confident your skin will glow with health. So go on, lightly massage into neck and face.

Time for makeup. You know what suits you, but for the perfect night out, we recommend you go a little heavier than you would during the day. Be bold and go for one of Temple Spa’s colour collections, YOUR TIME TO SHINE or SHINE YOUR LIGHT for lips, nails and eyes.  Grab a well-lit area, a lovely drink, and take time out for a manicure to match.

Wow. Look at you?  Nearly ready!

Hair. Outfit. Now for some accessories, which simply must include SPARTICLES to bring a sophisticated sparkle to your skin.

Now. Go get ‘em girl! And be sure to come back here and tell us how it went!