Health and Wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle is hugely important in maintaining a desired look, and the choices we make can directly affect the quality of our skin, hair, nails, and much more. Sure, we may notice a few extra grey hairs now and then, but failing to look after your wellbeing can have many more (and worse) detrimental effects on your appearance too.

The truth is that small lifestyle changes are all that is required for keeping our health in check, but the difficult part is making these changes on an ongoing basis. As such it’s important to fall naturally into these patterns as opposed to just throwing yourself in at the deep end. Knowing what natural ingredients and products will help your skin and body stay healthy is also very important for keeping yourself in prime condition.

Taking this healthier approach to your wellbeing, as well as regular use of Temple Spa’s naturally rejuvenating firming products, will not only help you look better but also feel much better.

Our skin is influenced by many things in our day-to-day life, such as the environments we spend most of our time in, the food we eat, how much we drink, whether we smoke; all these things can wear on our skin over time and eventually cause cosmetic issues, such as wrinkles. Beyond maintaining a healthy diet and cutting out unhealthy habits, we should aim to moisturise at least once a day, as well as include naturally beneficial essential oils such as Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, both of which have antiseptic qualities and are found in Temple Spa firming products.

Focus should also be given to problem areas of the skin, including the neck, bust, and around the eyes. Temple Spa bust firming cream and neck firming cream targets these problem areas, as well as combating cellulite and using a range of omega oils and natural ingredients to give skin a healthy glow. This isn’t just cosmetic, as our range of natural ingredients will improve the strength of skin over continued use!

Got wobbly bits on your skin? Mainly on your legs or bum? These persistent dimples and bumps are what’s known as cellulite. Again, like wrinkles, cellulite can be largely influenced by many external factors such as diet and exercise, so ensure you’re taking care of your body and use Temple Spa products to aid the process. Firming gels such as Temple Spa’s Go Figure combats cellulite in three ways: firstly by limiting the difference between adiposities and pre-adiposities (dips and bumps), secondly by breaking down fat, and thirdly by reinforcing the dermal skin layer to keep it all tight.

Adding a dose of firming gel every day to a morning and evening routine can help keep your skin firm and fresh on an ongoing basis. You can also look out for a range of anti-ageing properties in products such as Exalt, which protect against metabolic reactions that accelerate the ageing process. Areas such as the neck in particular are prone to these processes but Exalt locks in moisture where it’s needed, firms the skin and gives you all the lift without having to go down the surgery route.

What else can help your skin?

As we’ve said before, combining the natural ingredients and formulas in Temple Spa products with an overall healthy lifestyle will work many wonders for your body and skin. Our diet can have a massive impact on how firm and healthy our skin is, so this should always be taken into account. Foods rich in Vitamin C and E, and selenium, contain ultra-high levels of antioxidants which support radiant skin and heal blemishes. Also ensure that you’re eating your 5 a day, as fruit and vegetables are rich in natural skin-friendly properties.

The sun can also be good for your skin, as it triggers the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body which gives you a fantastic and glowing complexion. However, precautions should always be taken when spending an elongated amount of time in the sun as this accelerates the ageing process. Always wear protection, like one of our SPF moisturisers, and reapply regularly to provide optimal results for your skin.

Sleep is also a crucial part of maintaining a healthy appearance, so ensure you have enough each night and avoid doing unnecessary damage to yourself. The average is between 6 and 8 hours of sleep, which helps us function properly the following day and affects many other aspects such as concentration and mood.