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All TEMPLESPA skincare products are suitable for vegetarians.

The choice of a vegan diet and lifestyle will not stop you enjoying our products. We are pleased to say that the majority of our products are completely confirmed as vegan cruelty free skincare products.

Some of our products do contain animal derived ingredients, such as royal jelly, honey, silk, lanolin and beeswax. We chose to use these because of their time-tested skincare benefits, we love to be open and honest and we’re not ashamed to admit.


Just a word about bees. In short, we love bees. They do an amazing job humming around our global country sides dipping in and out of flowers spreading pollen, fertilising for mother nature. These little, hardworking heroes are responsible for keeping crops, flowers and a whole plethora of food sources reproducing each year and we need to keep them buzzing around.

Some would say harvesting honey and beeswax is exploitation of bees. We think it keeps them in our world and working hard for farmers, artisan growers and in fact all of us to enjoy the rich, nutritious and colourful fruits of their labour.


We appreciate how important a vegan life choice is for some and so each of our product pages confirm if the formula is vegan just look out for the little icon as below. You can also check out our vegan page here where all our luxury vegan skincare products are listed. And if you’re unsure please get in contact with us and we’ll be delighted to send you a confirmed summary.