Healthy Women's 
Weight Day

1. Stop counting your calories

Although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to watch all that you consume in a day, some people get a little carried away. They won’t allow themselves to eat over a certain amount of calories in a day in order to shed some of that extra weight they don’t want. This isn’t good for your health, nor is it a good way to diet. What a lot of people don’t consider is that once you stop allowing yourself to eat a certain amount, then stop controlling your calorie intake, and go back to eating that way you used to, you risk the chance of gaining weight more intensely because of the back-and-forth calorie intake that confuses your body.

2. More fruits and veggies

There seems to be a sort of stigma around fruits and veggies that they aren’t as enjoyable as chips or other unhealthy foods. This is wrong! There are so many great recipes with fruits and veggies that taste delicious. Recipes range from meals to snacks, so you are bound to supplement whatever hunger you feel. Also, instead of having more meat and carbs on your plate, make sure that fruits and veggies take up most of your plate at meal time rather than other less healthy items.

3. Be active at least 30 minutes every day

There are tons of ways to be active that don’t include just going to the gym. Going for a walk, jumping on a trampoline, even playing Just Dance are all various ways that you can be active. Some people believe physical activity means having to do a complete workout on a treadmill or other machine, but as we have pointed out, there are other activities that count towards cardio that you wouldn’t even think of.

As long as you get your heart pumping from movement, you are being active!

4. Don’t discrimate or compare

Your weight is your weight, not someone else’s. Keeping a healthy mindset is just as important as keeping a healthy weight. Everyone has a different size and shape and set of genetics, so there is literally no reason to compare yourself to anyone else, or discriminate someone who’s larger, or smaller than you. As long as you’re keeping YOUR BODY healthy, you can just as easily spend your time and energy supporting and complementing those around you, rather than tearing them down!

5. Keep a cool head

Reading a name like Women’s Healthy Weight Day has the potential to upset so many for the wrong reasons, so be sure to keep your chin up and keep your hopes high. This national day, isn’t meant to imply there are more women than men who are at an unhealthy weight, nor is it meant to imply that men don’t deserve a day. This day is simply meant to be a safe one for women to feel open about their goals, achievements, and lifestyles.


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