7 Ways To Cool Down

Yeah we all love summer and crave it 11 months of the year, but sometimes hot days just leave us, well, hot and bothered.

Use a body coolant

Stuffy buildings, change of life (yep, that dreaded menopause) and sports all make us sweat! CHILLICIOUS is THE ultimate cooling gel to slather on hot skin and pulse points. Carry one in your handbag and your car.

Use a dry shower gel

No time or place for a shower? TAKE A GRIP is a unique cooling gel that dries to a talc-like finish (i.e. its not sticky). Plus has the added bonus of an aromatherapy fragrance to keep you cool headed as well!

Pop your hair up

Ponytails always look sexy! Practice putting your hair up (if it’s long enough) in a high pony, or a messy bun. Keep a stash of pins and pretty hair bands in your handbag to help you pop up your hair and instantly cool your neck down.

Use a wash-off cleanser

On hot and sticky days, or after a workout, sometimes only a wash-off cleanser will do. GOOD TO GO suits all skin types and its light and refreshing. Keep one in your shower and one in your gym bag.

Fridge spritzer

Over the summer months, store your TONING ESSENCE in the fridge. Yes, that’s right – the fridge. Then after you’ve cleansed (or anytime you want to cool down), spritz your face! Delicious.

Keep the shades drawn

During the day, keep your curtains and shades drawn. The once the temperature has dropped in the evening, throw open those windows and catch the breeze.

Use an invigorating shower gel

Swap your favourite shower gel for a zingy, citrus based one like SEIZE THE DAY. With lemon, juniper, lime and bergamot, it will feel like the perfect tonic during the heat.