A New Temple Spa Family Member is Born

This week’s blog is about the biggest thing to happen in Temple Spa this month – the launch of the much-anticipated TRUFFLE NOIR. It’s been 3 years in development, which is a particularly long gestation period!

You see our products are like our children. Stay with us whilst we explain! Each of our products is loved equally and has their own special and unique place in the Temple Spa family of products. Each has been named thoughtfully and purposefully.

Occasionally a family contains twins  - each is an individual in its own right, even though on the surface they might look similar. TRUFFLE NOIR is like the ‘twin’ of our award-winning SKIN TRUFFLE. They bear some likeness to each other but their purpose and personality is quite distinct.

TRUFFLE NOIR is a nocturne facial rejuvenation treatment. That means it comes into it’s own during those night hours, working away whilst you sleep to rejuvenate, restore and regenerate the skin. SKIN TRUFFLE’S glory is the waking hours, not only treating your skin, but also giving you that wonderful radiance sparkle. So together, these twins go about their business of 24/7 rejuvenation.

Even better, we gave TRUFFLE NOIR a handsome satin-matte finish, which qualifies it for the dual job description of being a men’s premium day moisturiser as well.

Click through to find out all the details and benefits of the product – things like its stunning ingredient list (beauties such as platinum powder, hematite, black truffles, and champagne extract).

We think it’s great in bed! Who needs 50 shades of grey when you can have 100% NOIR?