How To Get The Most From Your Serum


Okay. So you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself a serum. But how do you get the most of it?

When should I use it?

You have a choice here. Firstly, you can use them as a booster leading up to a special event – use once or twice a day for 2-6 weeks prior to the big event and you’ll notice a BIG difference.

Alternatively, use everyday as a normal part of your skincare routine.

We actually recommend using at night, on clean skin, underneath your moisturiser, but they can also be used in the morning as well, for quicker results. But do use WITH your moisturiser for added benefit and the protection that a moisturiser gives.

How long before I notice a difference?

Whilst everyone’s skin is different, generally if you use a serum everyday for just two weeks you’ll notice a big difference in your skin’s tone and texture. 

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