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Skin Care

The science of nature fused with the wisdom of tradition. We believe that skin care is an absolutely vital part of your health and wellbeing. After all, that belief & search for great skin care products is what brought you to this website!

We think that using Temple Spa skin care products on a regular basis is one of the best ways to ensure your skin stays healthy, & you'll just love our products with instant results, gorgeous textures & amazing long-term benefits (Hint: discover our anti-aging and anti-blemish ranges!). For many people, chemicals & additives take a backseat to natural organic ingredients. 

That’s why our spa products are packed with natural skin care ingredients technically formulated by scientists & renowned skincare professionals of the highest calibre, & super abundant in botanical extracts & boosters.

We’re really proud to say that we make our skin care products using the kindest ingredients. But, we’re even prouder to say that those ingredients extend across our entire range of moisturizers, facial oils, serums, cleansers & toners and night creams. Our natural ingredients are the best defence against sun-damage, visible pores or redness

We’re all different, so why buy something that isn’t tailor-made for you and your skin? Our gorgeous skin care range was designed to cover each type of skin. From dry or oily skin to those of us with really sensitive skin, be sure that we’ve got the product for you.