Benefits Of Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Pomegranate has nourishing and moisturising properties, it penetrates deep into the skin and helps to hydrate and replenish dry or dull skin.

It also benefits oily or acne prone skin, it is an astringent, antiviral and anti-inflammatory so helps combat breakouts and soothe skin irritations. It helps detoxify skin for improved clarity and is known for its brightening and lightening qualities.

Pomegranates promote cell regeneration which increases circulation and heals the skin while improving the texture of the skin and preventing hyperpigmentation. This skin regeneration can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

They are rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants which protect the skin against signs of ageing caused by sun exposure and environmental damage. At the same time they promote firmer, softer, smoother skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastic that naturally reduces as we age.

Some of our products you can find pomegranate in ...

SUGAR BUFF 220g / 7.76oz
Sugar Body Scrub

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DUVET 180 ml / 6 fl.oz.
Hydrating Body Cream

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