Festive Aromatic Diffuser

200 ml / 6.3 fl.oz.

Pay every 2 weeks in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

Pay every month in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

This perfect Christmas gift will invite warming aromas of a festive Mediterranean garland into any space. Designed with a iridescent finish this beautiful diffuser will create a fragrant ambiance to fill your home.

Vibrant citrus notes are balanced with rich plum, leather and a hint of delicate florals, rose and jasmine, while base notes of oakmoss and tonka bean encourage you to breathe deep and experience a full-bodied aroma. A comforting fragrance cleverly blended to cocoon your senses and fill your home with aromatic colour and warmth.

  • Fills your room with an inviting & joyful Mediterranean scent
  • Comforts & uplifts your senses
  • Dresses your space in style

A few easy steps to follow to make the most of your diffuser.

Unscrew the gold collar and remove the protective black disc and plug from the bottle. Screw the gold collar back on.

Place the reeds into the diffuser bottle one at a time ensuring even distribution.

Each reed soaks up the fragrance, diffusing into the air, leaving the air beautifully scented.

Turn the reeds every week to ensure constant throw of the fragrance.

Keep the protective disc and plug in a safe place. Should you wish to move the diffuser in future, be sure to remove the reeds, replace the disc, the plug & collar securely, and keep the reeds safe.