What’s the best face moisturizer for me?

When choosing the moisturizer for our skincare routine, more often than not we’ll have a long list of everything we want it to achieve and tick off for us. From a bright and radiant finish and rehydrating dryness to helping to mattify your skin throughout the day or simply keeping everything in balance and check. With this guide you’ll meet the best moisturizer for your skin type, so keep reading and enjoy!


First what does a moisturizer do?

You’ll find moisturizers in all different styles, but in general they are lotions and creams and their main purpose is to rehydrate your skin, focusing on the top layers most importantly. If you’re looking to help your skin of the future and the deeper layers of your skin, look to our blog What Is A Facial Serum & What Do They Do for all the details there.

Back to moisturizers, every day our skin experiences water loss and by replenishing your skin’s moisture levels with a top up from the best face moisturizer (hello TEMPLESPA!), then you’ll do the best work at keeping skin hydrated and helping to form a protective barrier from outside environmental factors.

Alongside that the skin on our face is generally thinner and lacks the fatty deposits other areas of our body have to keep skin plump and firm, so a good moisturizer is essential to this. Add on thinking about our skin barrier and all the harmful environmental factors happening every day, we need a moisturizer to help keep it looking and feeling healthy, resilient and working to its best.

How does a moisturizer fit into my skincare routine?

Because a moisturizer does its best work on the top levels of your skin, it’s always at the last stages of your skincare routine. So, after cleansing, using a toner and applying a serum, the next stage is a moisturizer. Serums have much smaller molecules to reach the lower levels of the skin and where they need to be, so they need to be first before your moisturizer which has larger molecules designed to hydrate and add a protective layer to the skin. Don’t forget to add an SPF on after your moisturizer, or if you have a SPF moisturizer then you’re ready to start your day!

Want to know the best moisturizers by skin type?

While it’s important to identify what your skin type is, bear in mind that you need to look out for other signs of what your skin needs at the time. In essence, listen to what your skin is asking for and adapt your skincare routine to fit.


The best moisturizer for dry skin I need is…

DOUBLE CREAM Hydrating Moisturiser, a favourite moisturizer for dry skin for when our skin needs that extra nourishment and indulgence. Mediterranean botanicals of olive, avocado, red pepper, horse chestnut and blackberry work in synergy to save dry, parched skin. Hello plump, nourished skin!

If you’re looking for a more luxurious addition to your skincare routine, SKIN TRUFFLE Ultra Radiance Moisturiser is another good moisturizer for dry skin. The stunning ingredients list includes black summer truffles, champagne and diamonds that work to help brighten and promote a youthful complexion, while hard-working hydrating ingredients create our iconic cashmere finish. A best moisturizer for mature skin too!


What’s a good moisturizer for combination skin?

For skin that sits between oily and dry and simply cannot make up its mind, you’ll find the best moisturizer for combination skin here! Combination skin is a super common skin type so we’ve created our MOISTURE TO GO Balancing Moisturiser. It cleverly adapts to your skin to reduce oiliness and rehydrate dryness, simply put it’s one of our best face moisturizers we recommend!

Is there a good moisturizer for sensitive skin?

Yes! Sensitive skin can become irritated by selective ingredients, fragrances, environmental factors and so many other reasons, but we’ve cracked supporting your skin with BE STILL Settling Moisturiser. Our sensitive skin moisturizer has a texture like liquid silk, gliding across the skin with a blend of vitamins, our Calmaderm™ complex, Mediterranean veggies and fruits, plus a fusion of powerful prebiotics! They all work together to comfort irritated skin and support your skin’s microbiome.


The best moisturizer for oily skin is…

You might think because your skin is oily that you don’t need a moisturizer, but that’s a myth! Oils and moisture are two different things, your skin still needs a good moisturizer that can help control the production of oil, otherwise it can go into over production and produce more oils. Our MOISTURE MATTE Mattifying Moisturiser has smart oil-absorbing micro sponges that work to absorb excess sebum and a refreshing blend of Mediterranean ingredients to help balance and nourish the skin at the same time. A great face moisturizer for men too!

Achieve a natural radiance without the heavy cream feel with TRUFFLE DE-LIGHT Hydra-Gel Moisturiser. Like its name, our non-greasy radiance-boosting moisturizer is a lighter version of our award-winning SKIN TRUFFLE. So those with more oil prone or combination skin types can experience the benefits of our luxe moisturizer option as well.


We hope you’ve found the best moisturizer for you with our helpful guide, and build your own skincare routine with our how to guide.