Across the TEMPLESPA product range, you’ll find anti-ageing ingredients packed into our award-winning products. We believe your skin health is about looking after the best version of yourself, not perfect but your best temple. So when it comes to anti-ageing, you’re in the best hands with us.

In this blog we’ll share the best anti-ageing skin care, our expert tips to include in your skin care routines and why the best time to help your skin is now.

Don’t Forget Your Neck…

While the skin on your face always deserves attention, the skin on our neck and décolletage needs extra TLC and anti-ageing skin care. This area is thinner and prone to show ageing faster, so you need a dedicated product for the job!

Enter EXALT Neck Firming Gel. A bouncy and unique gel-like texture that gives your neck a smoother and softer appearance. We’ve included ingredient Electric Daisy, a super charged flowering herb that holds brilliant anti-ageing benefits to smooth the appearance of lines. Add a neck firming cream to your routine after cleansing your skin, apply a generous amount to the back of your hands and use ‘kitten strokes’ to brush it upwards into your neck.

…And Your Hands!

The best anti-ageing skin care advice we can give you is to not forget your hands! Like our neck, this area can be most forgotten yet show the earliest signs of ageing. Using our EXALT Neck Firming Gel ‘kitten strokes’ technique will give the back of your hands an extra treatment, but you may want something throughout the day.

Keep our trusty PALM BALM Nourishing Hand Cream on your desk, in your bag or anywhere else you may go! Constant hand washing has dried out the skin on our hands, so we need moisture. That moisture then helps to firm and plump the skin. Our PALM BALM Nourishing Hand Cream goes one step further, bringing a blend of vitamins with anti-ageing benefits to help improve skin texture and appearance.

Go Luxe With Truffle

If you’re looking for a total anti-ageing skin care routine and overhaul, you’ll want to check out our Truffle Collection. It’s our luxury and award-winning skincare range, filled with ingredients like Black Truffles, Champagne and Gold & Silk Actives, sounds dreamy right? A few favourites are our EYE TRUFFLE 24-Hour Eye Rejuvenation, a beautiful lightweight eye cream with glow boosting ingredients, alongside cutting-edge technology to target dark circles and fine lines. You may just say this is the best anti-ageing eye cream you’ve tried.

Dullness and signs of ageing a concern for you? SKIN TRUFFLE Ultra Radiance Moisturiser brings both radiance and anti-ageing benefits to your skin! Its powerful hydrating ingredients help to lift, plump and firm the skin and replace lost moisture. The reason why we think this is the best anti-ageing cream? Because every ingredient has a purpose to replenish, revitalise and help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing.

It’s All In The Technique

We know serums are great for anti-ageing skin care routines (just check out our BE FIRM and TRUFFLELIXIR but are you getting the best out of it and using the correct technique? A serum works best on clean and smooth skin, try and incorporate an exfoliator into your routine a few times per week to help smooth roughness. Apply 1 – 2 pumps of your serum into the palm of your hands, then press it into your skin focusing on areas of concern such as forehead, cheek bone, throat and neck. Gently massage in any remaining serum across the rest of your face.

The TRUFFLELIXIR Super Luxe Luminosity Serum brings radiance to dull skin and hydrates and firms, for longer term results it aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. *Adds new anti-ageing serum to basket*


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and discovered a few new TEMPLESPA anti-ageing skin care products and tips to help your skin to its best health. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram for more anti-ageing skin care advice and favourite products.