Night Skincare Routine with TEMPLESPA

Here at TEMPLESPA we think a night skincare routine and rituals can help set the tone for your evening ahead. Stick to a familiar routine and they’re the best way to wind down after a busy or stressful day, or a moment where you’ve got that ‘me-time’ slotted in.

Our night skincare routines will largely differ from our morning skincare routines. We’re looking at lifting away what has attracted to our skin throughout the day and ways we can help treat our skin overnight. Bookmark this page for when you need a reminder of a night skincare routine steps or inspiration!

Double Cleansing 

The reason we have a double cleanse in our night skincare routine is because one is to remove makeup, oil and SPF and the second is a deeper cleanse into our pores. We love to use our DUAL ACT as a first cleanse, a super gentle creamy cleanser that takes away makeup, oil and SPF. Massage in and remove with a damp muslin cloth (hello TAKE IT OFF!). For your second cleanse we opt for IN THE BEGINNING, our deep pore cleanser that has a unique buttery-crystalline texture so that is exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. Massage in then use the same damp muslin cloth to remove – switch sides on the cloth!


A key step to every night skincare routine but one many skip! We say toning is the finale to your cleansing routine, it lifts away those final traces of your cleanser and helps to refine and purify the skin. TONING ESSENCE does just that, so add a few spritz to a cotton pad and gently sweep across the skin. If you’re looking for something with added exfoliation, try GLOWCOLIC. The glycolic, mandelic and lactic blend of acids help to break the bonds of dead skin cells to the skin, lifting them away from the skin for brighter complexions. Exfoliation isn’t for every night skincare routine but something all of our skin needs a few times a week.


So your skin is cleansed, feeling fresh and prepped for the next step, so let’s give it something to work on! A serum is your treatment, whether you’re aiming for brighter skin, something to even pigmentation, target wrinkles or add extra hydration to your skin. Our brilliant selection of serums will help you achieve that, just pick your favourite then massage a small amount into your skin. The let is absorb before following the next step.

Eye Cream 

Did you know the skin around your eyes is thinner and more prone to damage? Think of how hard working our eyes are and how much attention we give them! An eye cream like WINDOWS OF THE SOUL helps to treat dark circles, flood the area with hydration and target those fine lines. Use a ring finger to gently pat in and voila!


We love a moisturiser to add a protective layer to our skin, they help to plump and add much needed hydration to our complexion! But we have a special mention for our night skincare routine and it’s our award-winning REPOSE. It’s made it to our night skincare routine because it’s full of relaxing Mediterranean essential oils, designed to soothe and settle the skin and mind through a relaxing blend of essential oils. Trust us when we say, it’s “a good night’s sleep in a jar”.

Neck Cream 

Not forgetting our neck and décolletage, they’re an extension of our face and deserve that extra treatment in our night skincare routine too! We’ve designed EXALT especially for the occasion. A luxurious and lightweight firming neck gel to restore tone and firmness across the skin, plus locking in moisture and softness. Use the back of your hands to apply this cream in gentle upward strokes.


Come back to this page for a reminder on what your night skincare routine needs and the TEMPLESPA favourites to try!