How To Look After Your Hands

Our hands go through the works every day and more so now than ever before, thanks to more stringent hand washing and hygiene. Extra washing and hand sanitizers can cause the skin to become dry, irritated and sensitive. We think our hands are worthy of a round of applause with all the extra work they go through!

We’ve got the best guide to looking after your hands, tips to prevent dryness and keep your hands feeling and looking healthy and happy again. Once our hands protective barrier is damaged, it needs a helping hand from TEMPLESPA.

Start With A Scrub

Once a week give your hands a treatment using a gentle scrub like our SUGAR BUFF Mediterranean Body Scrub. Let your hands sit in warm water for 5 minutes, then use a generous amount of our scrub in circular motions into each hand. Concentrate on the palms and around areas such as the knuckles. Rinse off and dry with a towel.


Our hands, nails and cuticles all need different care to promote better health for them. Try using an oil and focus on massaging it into the cuticles, then use any excess to massage into the nails. An oil will help support and repair the skin and top up hydration levels again.


Like our cuticles and nails get an extra treatment, our hands need extra moisture to help repair the protective barrier and promote smoother and healthier skin. We love to keep PALM BALM Luxury Skincare For Hands on our desk, in our bags and anywhere we’re going, so it’s always handy for those times of need. We have a multivitamin cocktail that combines Mediterranean essential oils and soothing extracts to give your hands that extra moisture.

Extra Tip

On top of our easy at-home manicure for your hands, your everyday skincare works great too! Extra moisturiser? Used slightly too much neck cream? Left over SPF to use? Apply them to your hands. They’ll appreciate the care and attention, and this will leave them feeling and looking healthier too.

What’s your best tip for looking after your hands? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram, we’d love to hear from you!