How to improve your sleep today

Getting our optimum amount of sleep, and having a good, deep and restful sleep for that matter can be tricky. How many times have you been awake with thoughts like “I can’t sleep” swirling around your head and wondering how many more sheep you need to count before heading into a deep slumber?

At TEMPLESPA we pride ourselves on taking your wellbeing and soul health seriously and that’s why our aromatherapy blends work so well with our award-winning products. By fusing known relaxing aromatherapy blends with science-led formulas to help improve your skin’s condition, it’s like the best of both worlds. So here are a few things to help you sleep better and improve your overall sleep journey:

Sleep Spray

All of our key senses play a big part in how well we sleep, but for now we’ll focus on our smelling sense. By now you’ll know that at TEMPLESPA we love aromatherapy and we’ve spent time with perfumers and experts to home in on the best relaxing scents. It’s one of the first things we notice about a new product so it’s crucial to get it right!

Spritzing a sleep spray like our QUIETUDE Chill Out & Sleep Well Mist onto your pillow and around your space before you head for bed will help you rest as you breath in the soothing aromas. We’ve incorporated fragrant essential oils known for relaxation like lavender, vetiver, patchouli and frankincense amongst others. A stress-free aroma to help unwind busy minds and before going to sleep.

A full evening wind-down routine

Following into our other senses, an evening wind-down routine will help greatly with sleeplessness and cultivate a feeling of calm. Try and plan your routine at the same time each evening so your body becomes accustomed to when your sleep pattern is and auto programmed to what’s coming next.

There are super simple additions to your evening routine like switching your phone off an hour before you sleep, as the blue light emitted from your phone can stimulate and keep your brain actively awake, not to mention the endless scrolling news and content to absorb. A great tip we love is keeping a notebook next to your bed to scribble down any thoughts, reminders from the day that can help clear your mind for an easy night’s sleep.

Another routine which can help with sleep problems is our Relaxation Ritual, taking you through a guided movement meditation that works your way through to an eventual deep slumber. It’s a serious must-try, it’s like magic to help you get a good night’s sleep! You’ll need your REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream nearby to practice deep breathe work.

Sleep Music

Let’s talk about our next sense, hearing. Relaxing music with calming tempos and soothing mixes are brilliant for helping with sleep problems. Like the opposite of upbeat and fast-paced music you might do before going to work, the gym or before a hard task to boost your energy levels, the music you play in the evening should calm and relax the senses to send you into a deep sleep.

We have two TEMPLESPA albums that we think you’re going to love, first is The REPOSE Suite, aptly named after our well-loved and award-winning sleep cream. The 6-song piece selection has been created by Chris and Abby Eaton and Jimmy James featuring to bring a sense of calm and restoration for whenever you need it. MOMENTS OF PEACE by Chris and Abby Eaton is our most recent album release and is a stunning selection of music to bring you peace, joy and calm. Switch on a relaxing playlist whilst you’re doing your wind-down routine and enjoy! Listen to both on our Spotify playlist here.

Get To The Root

Sometimes sleeplessness is related to something that’s troubling you or playing on your mind, so we’d encourage mindless journaling. This is the practice of not actively thinking about what you are writing but letting the ebb and flow onto the paper, with no particular order or consciousness.

A sleep diary is also a fantastic option to track how well you’re sleeping and when, helping you understand what you may be doing before sleeping that’s affecting it or perhaps what you have planned for the following day that’s keeping you and your brain awake!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to improving your sleep and getting better sleep health overall, it’s more than just 8 hours of shut-eye but essential to your general wellbeing.