Everyday Beauty And Wellbeing Essentials For Your Desk

If there’s something we’ve learnt during the past year, it’s that having a little self-care in our everyday routine can mean so much more than applying your favourite moisturiser or treating yourself to an invigorating morning body scrub.

It’s the everyday beauty and wellbeing essentials that might inspire your next brain wave, bring back memories of a previous summer holiday (we’re thinking of the Mediterranean all of the time!) or the simple act of taking a few moments to pamper yourself and restore your feeling of wellbeing again.

The past year has brought us to our home offices, creating spaces dedicated for work but where does beauty and wellbeing fit into this? In our blog post we’ll be sharing what beauty and wellbeing essentials are sitting on our desk, the ones we can’t live without and which you should be adding to yours ASAP.

Luxury Hand Treatment

Just think about how much our hands go through every day, the environment they’re exposed to and what treatment you’re giving them. We like to pair our desk with PALM BALM Luxury Skincare For The Hands, a lightweight and non-greasy hand cream that moisturises and protects the hands. We’ve infused a multivitamin cocktail with Mediterranean essential oils to soothe, even skin tone and helps to reduce the visibility of age spots for healthier and younger looking hands.  You’ll be in safe hands with us!


Stay Hydrated – And On Time!

Drinking water and keeping ourselves hydrated throughout the day is the easiest way to improve our health, not to mention a break from the screen and boosting brain power to prevent any sluggish slumps! Try a bottle with time markers which encourage you to drink regularly rather than all in one go. It’s great for your overall wellness and keeping your body topped up with the good stuff!

Treat Aches And Tiredness

Sitting at a desk all day is guaranteed to bring some twinges, aches and pains to your body. Common areas like the back of your neck, lower back and legs can be treated with one TEMPLESPA hero. We liken AAAHHH! Instant Cooling Balm to a glass of a refreshing drink on ice. Simply because it quickly soothes and leaves the skin feeling zingy, rich in natural extracts and Mediterranean essential oils too. Apply to areas of aches, tightness and tiredness for a fast and invigorating lift!


The Brain Junk Scribble

When Monday morning rolls around and your brain is full of ideas, plans and things to note throughout the week, the best way to gather those thoughts is in a brain junk scribble. Take a blank notebook or piece of paper and just start writing everything down. You can organise your thoughts from there into a to-do list, an email or whatever tasks you have to plan for. The act of writing everything down can help lift your mood, clear the brain fog and help you get started for a new week.

Instant Hydration Hit

As well as a hydrating skin boost, keeping a facial mist on your desk can help wake up a post-lunch brain slump too! We keep TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol on our desk and spritz a few times throughout the day for whenever our skin needs it. We lose water throughout the day in various ways and keeping our skin hydrated and plump has never been so easy with a facial mist on your desk!


Let us know what you think of our everyday beauty and wellness essentials for your desk and which you’ll be adding to yours soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips, product recommendation and more.