Experiencing spot prone skin is likely something we’ve all experience in our lifetime and it’s only becoming more of a problem as our lifestyle changes. For example, the new term ‘maskne’ has crept into our vocabularies which are spots caused from wearing face masks and a surge in serums, treatments and masks to focus on tackling spots and blemish prone skin has only increased our appetites for skincare focused for spot prone skin.

There’s a great selection of cleansers, toners and moisturisers from TEMPLESPA that specifically targets spot prone skin, but in this blog post we’ll focus on face masks. Commonly face masks are a high concentrate of ingredients with a specific goal in mind for your skin. They’re great for a weekly treat for your skin and with regular use can improve your overall skin health – not to mention a great way to give yourself much needed ‘me-time’!

The best face masks for spot prone skin from TEMPLESPA are THE POWER BREAKFAST and PURIFICATION. These two work in harmony together to refresh, purify and decongest the skin. First prep the skin with a cleanse from your favourite TEMPLESPA cleanser and ensure the skin is clean and dry.

Take a generous amount of THE POWER BREAKFAST and massage into the skin, add water to help turn it into an easy scrub. Our medley of oats, nuts and fruits help to nibble away at dead skin cells, unblock pores which have trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells in them. Use a muslin cloth to remove, work in gentle circular motions for a brilliant massage.

The texture of THE POWER BREAKFAST has been designed to give your skin a gentle yet effective scrub. It’s not drying for the skin, leaving it feeling polished and refined, ready for your next mask!

Now it’s time for PURIFICATION, we call this our deep cleansing ‘vacuum’ cleaner for the pores. You’ll find ingredients like tea tree, algae, eucalyptus and sage oil to refresh and leave your skin feeling super clean. The hero ingredients are kaolin clay and the special Seberderm™ complex. Kaolin clay is a decongesting ingredient that absorbs oil from the skin and leaves it feel toned and purified, it’s used across many masks and has particular benefits for oily and spot prone skin. The Seberderm™ complex contains cane sugar and ribwort plantain extracts which are known to leave the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated – what everyone needs in a mask!

The unique mousse and light texture of PURIFICATION means it’s easy to apply and massage across the skin and doesn’t dry down like many other clay masks do. After exfoliation your skin is prime for a face mask like PURIFICATION to absorb the excess oil and decongest pores, leave the mask on your skin for 20 minutes and remove with a muslin cloth. The result is smoother, more toned and clearer complexions.

Try this face mask routine once per week for a few weeks to notice an improvement in your skin’s texture and overall appearance. We hope you’ve found a new face mask for spot prone skin to help you to clearer and happier skin health!